HRD Corp Train the Trainer Certification Course

Get Yourself Certified, Accredited and Recognized as a Competent Trainer



Program Introduction

Learners thrive on engaging and thoughtful training environments and trainers can reach more participants by utilizing dynamic styles of teaching throughout their curriculum.

The Train-The-Trainer Certificate strengthens your skills as a trainer and optimizes the development and delivery of your programs.

Whether training a big part of your role, or just a small aspect of your job our 5 days course will help you design and deliver effective training programs building a comprehensive foundations in professional training.

You will gain confidence in how to present information effectively with variety and flair and acquire the skills to deal with the dynamics of group learning.

Work with our experienced instructors to create consistent, efficient and effective training programs suited to your needs and most importantly get recognized as a competent certified trainer.

Meet the Trainers

Having more than 15 years of experience in the training arena, our trainers are known to facilitate their programs using a practical hands-on approach, time flies in their programs and before you know it, you would have benefitted and enjoyed 5 powerful, fulfilling, life changing and significant days of the Certified Train the Trainer program.


Anita Shanmugam

  • HRDF Certified TTT Trainer
  • Certified Professional Trainer CGL, UK
  • Ensync Certified Virtual Facilitator


Priscilla Jacy Jihen

  • HRDF Certified TTT Trainer
  • Certified International
    Professional Trainer CGL, UK

Module & Topics


Plan Adult Learning


Conduct Training Needs Analysis


Design Competency Based Training


Conduct Competency Based Training


Assess Participants Competence

Key Learning Objectives & Outcome

  • Define key training, facilitating and presenting concepts
  • Identify participant training needs
  • Create lesson plans that are targeted to delivering the learning objectives of your participants
  • Create a conducive and engaging learning environment
  • Identify the different visual aids and training materials and use them appropriately
  • Identify difficult participants and unpleasant topics and provide solutions to these concerns
  • Apply innovative methods in your training designs to accelerate the learning process
  • Analyze corporate culture and align it to your training objectives
  • Use a needs assessment to identify the most effective training approaches


  • Short lectures, group activities and group discussions to
    provide participants with a fun and supportive learning
  • Skill session for participants to practice their training skills
  • 1 Year Follow up Coaching and Mentoring sessions
    worth RM 3000
  • Complimentary Bonus Topic on Virtual Facilitation
    Referral Networking Opportunities

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